Victoria Watterson Embroidery is an embroidery business based in West Yorkshire. After many years in the business, we’ve launched a blog to discuss what we do and share the knowledge from years of sewing!



Noah Allan is the man behind all the answers here at VW Embroidery. He’s worked with us as our Marketing Director for over 4 years, and is the author of all the blogs you’ll read on our site. Noah combines his own experience, having worked with us here, and gains further input and insight from the seamstresses at VW Embroidery.

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We have been making Embroidery products for well over a decade, and we love sharing our ideas with the whole community.

Here you will find everything that you need to know on how to embroider well, as well as some of the best kept secrets in the embroidery business. Our experience ranges over a number of years and many different projects. From Bus Driver uniforms to bus upholstery, there’s no job too big, small or complicated. We’ll work with you to create a design that looks beautiful and our high-quality craftsmanship will ensure that it lasts your business a lifetime.


We make the products

Each of our embroidery products is handmade by our team. If you’d like to see more of what we make, check our our store.

We sell materials

A craftsman is only as good as his tools – we’ll help you source the best materials so that you’ll know your work is at its best.

We share ideas

There’s no shortage of great embroidery projects for you to try out. Check out our ideas and find your next new hobby!

We offer advice

It’s not always plain sailing when it comes to embroidery, but we’ll gladly share advice and solutions to your embroidery problems.

We share tips

Get your embroidery done quickly and beautifully with some of our special tricks of the trade!

We help people connect

We love sharing our passion with communities across the world – talking here could introduce you to a whole network of embroiderers!